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The National Weather Service confirmed that the weather event that toppled several trees and power lines in Mandeville on Sunday night, causing significant damage, was an EF-1 tornado. A low-level EF 1 tornado caused damage at Grigsby in Old Mandevaille with winds of 86 to 110 km / h. It is not the first time this has happened in Southeast Louisiana and Mississippi in recent days.

Information on flood insurance and maps prices was collected as part of a study by the Louisiana Department of Public Health and Human Services and the Mandeville Police Department. At 8 a.m. below is a map of the parish that was founded on August 18, 2008. The municipality informs about the number and type of insurance cover available to the public in the municipality.

The National Weather Service's interactive flood maps for Mandeville can be viewed on the newly linked interactive map below. You can also find information on the top 5 flooding areas in the country and learn more about the areas forecast by the NWS Bureau and their forecasts for the next few days and weeks. You can view the interactive flood map of N WS at the bottom of this page and on its website at this link.

The storm caused severe flooding in the north - in central and southeastern Louisiana, and in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which was flooded as a result of the storm in August 2016. For more information about the 100-year-old floodplain in the municipality of Caddo, please refer to the map "100-year-old floodplain" and request a flood zone assessment for your property. Residents of communities along the Gulf Coast of Mandeville, Mississippi and Mississippi can view the NWS interactive flood maps to get a warning of possible flooding on their properties in the coming days.

The first step is to visit the Louisiana Floodmap site and enter the address of your property or a nearby address to determine if your new home is in a flood zone. If you need help determining the location of the property in relation to the flood zone, you can access FEMA's online map search and visit the Government Plaza building at 505 Travis Street, Suite A, Mandeville, Louisiana or access the FEMA - Online map search on the NWS website. For more information about the 100-year-old floodplain in the Caddo community, visit Government Plaza Building 505 or Governor's Plaza Suite B on the map or FEMA's online map search at

The app provides the latest news about you and your family, as well as information on how to stay up to date with local, state and federal disaster relief and emergency management.

The maps provide the public with information on the projected risk of flooding in their area. The flood advisory and flood altitude maps are part of the flood risk maps, which are themselves a product of a partnership between the National Weather Service (NWS) and the City of Mandeville.

Learn more about the floods that have occurred there and how residents can protect their lives and property. Some areas are considered hurricane evacuation zones because of storm surge, but these have been withdrawn at the local and state levels.

Much of the Baton Rouge, LA area is within FEMA designated flood zones, and the district includes more than 2,000 acres of flood-prone land in the area.

Note: These flood zones are areas that would be flooded in the event of a hurricane. The agency, created by the US Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), does not give a one-in-one chance - out of 1,000 flood zones. This is surprising, as large parts of Louisiana border a low-lying Gulf of Mexico that carries the risk of flooding. Lenders and insurance companies use FEMA companies as the primary insurance provider for those living in flood-prone areas when floods take effect and affect more than 630,000 people.

The heavy rainfall continued for several days, causing extensive flooding along the Sabine River, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Jefferson Parish operated a flood warning system called JPAlert, which warned residents of the threat of flooding from heavy rain and high water levels in the Sabine River and Mississippi River. The extended flood zone prompted authorities to declare parts of Jefferson Parish a disaster, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It looks like it's moving into the North Shore area and I'm going to retire from the Air Force next year.

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